Thursday, October 1, 2009

Website Update

JP has installed Xampp and Joomla- so that he can work on Samagra website offline. Normally designers make a website in such a way that ignorant users can not spoil it unwittingly. But this attempt to 'save' the website from its lawful owners often proves to be counter-productive. The designer moves on- and the owner of the website is rarely able to update the website on its own- and thus it is preserved in a beautiful primal state of purity for years! As if nothing ever happened in the concerned organisation since 1st July 1987- the great day of the website launch! How silly! How laughable! Some people will go a step forward and allege that all this is to exercise a control- The orgainsation is forced to contact the designer to update even the two words on the front page! Isn't this a little retrogressive in this age of an IT industry being driven by users (ex. wikipedia) and open source?

Anyway, Joomla, an open source software, brings in big changes the way business is and can be conducted. For example, it lets you have a front end, through which lay users can contribute to a website without learning programming and without wrecking it! This is what JP is doing for Samagra website. Samagra is updating all the relevant information- like our new office in Dehradun, staff and volunteer updates etc. Oh, of course, we have to make sure that the offline looks and functionality is maintained even when it goes online. And for that you have to know your stuff- Xampp, Apache, ASP, backend, no-end etc. And who else could do it better than a programmer from Infosys? But of course test of pudding is in tasting!

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