Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Yajna held at Samagra

31st August
Mrs. Suchitra Agarwal, managing trustee ‘Samagra’ organized a special Yajna ceremony in samagra in which renowned Vedic Scholar Acharya Kulshrestha and bhajan singer were the special guests. Total 100 people including 60 children enjoyed the event. Children chanted mantra and sang two bhajans. Everybody appreciated the Samagra’s work for imparting the values (social, spiritual and cultural).  It was concluded with the feast. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Annual Report 2015-2016


Samagra is a charitable trust which was registered with the Sub-registrar, Vikas Nagar,(District Dehradun) on 4th April 2007. Samagra’s purpose is to promote Spiritual Sadhana along with social work. Health, curing and giving training to stammering children, Women’s Enterprise and Skill Development are some of its focus areas. In addition the Trust is giving tuition to the poor children from weaker section and it has become its major activity.  
It operated from Herbertpur till 30th October 2009.  Thereafter, it was shifted to Dehradun to serve its objectives better.
(Please see the Appendix for a copy of the trust deed and brief introductions of the trustees.) 
                                               Past History
Year 2008-2009
                The stammering awareness activities in local schools continued from the previous year.  Three months sewing/stitching training courses were started to help women from poor families to enable them to become self-reliant and enterprising.  Canadian students from McMaster University participated in a 4 weeks Appreciative Inquiry Course.  Awareness workshops on stammering were organized to raise awareness among parents, teachers and common public.
            A three months sewing & cutting training program was organized for 38 girls and women from poor socio-economic background.
 Year 2009-2010
Canadian students under SIHI (Students for International Health Initiative) program visited Samagra in the month of May 2009 for four weeks and studied the local culture, health issues and practices and also volunteered in local charitable work.
The Samagra team continued visiting local schools to conduct speech therapy for children who stammer and children with special needs. A number of three months sewing and stitching training courses and computer (basic) training programs were conducted for women of low- socio- economic status.
During this year, 102 women benefited through the sewing programs and 45 boys & girls learnt basic computer skills.

Year 2010-2011
In the month of May 2010 Canadian students from McMaster University visited Samagra under the SIHI program and stayed here for 4 weeks. They studied local customs, culture and health issues of the area and volunteered in tuition centre’s run by Samagra and visited many NGO’s in the vicinity of Dehradun. 
            This year a lot of work was done for social and economic upliftment of women and children from economically weaker section of the society. Ten cutting and sewing and beautician training and tuition programs were organized in different villages and colonies near Dehradun In which 508 women and girls were trained as per details -:
1          Sewing 386
2          Tuition 84
3          Beautician 38
Two foreign volunteers visited and stayed in Samagra for one month.  Dr. Nitasha Puri was a medical student from Toronto and the other was Ms. Heather Baer, a speech Pathologist from McGill University, Canada.
Samagra celebrated the 25th marriage Anniversary of Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Karen in October 2011 .Dr. Pradeep is the founder of Samagra.
Dr. Pradeep and a   group of 7 Canadian pilgrims visited Samagra in February 2011.
Samagra celebrated Christmas, New Year’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Republic Day, etc. with staff and children.
Year 2011-2012
During this year Samagra organized 11 training programs in cutting & tailoring as well as 
beautician training. Every program had 20 to 30 trainees.  These programs were organized in villages in the vicinity of Dehradun.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar visited with a Pilgrims’ group of 8 Canadians from Samagra, Canada on a spiritual journey in the month of October 2011. One more group of 5 members visited Samagra in the month of March 2012.
  Three sewing machines were donated to Samagra by this group to make training centers more equipped.  Dr. Pradeep Kumar organized mind and body medicine workshops in Rishikesh and Mussoorie in SIDH’s premises.
            Samagra is constantly taking care of underprivileged children. After school tuition program is being run for 30 children who are coming from a slum called Shastri Nagar Khala.
 As in the previous years,  Samagra is ran many training programs in slums and nearby villages of Dehradun.  During this year 10 cutting & tailoring, beautician training and embroidery training programs were organized and 208 women benefited from these programs.  191 girls received the sewing training and 17 completed the beautician course. All the courses were of three months duration.
Year 2012-2013
This year has been very important for Samagra with good & bad happenings. A permanent Samagra building was ready by June 2012 and the office was shifted into it. The new building is situated in New Vasant Vihar Enclave.
Mrs. Sharda Devi, mother of Dr. Pradeep (Jivasu) and mother-in law of Mrs. Suchitra Agrawal expired suddenly on 8th October 2012.  Samagra family paid its tribute to the departed soul.
During the month of November, 5 Canadian guests under the pilgrimage program visited Samagra with Dr. Karen and Jivasu. During their visit they participated in a meditation retreat in Rishikesh and celebrated Diwali with the Samagra Family.
During this year Samagra faced great difficulties in organizing training programs in villages as lot of money and programs were offered in Dehradun and surrounding villages by the State Government. Still we were able to run two training programs - one in cutting- tailoring and the other in beautician training.  Samagra also gave women training in pickle making, handicraft and hand embroidery, in all 107 trainees benefited from these programs out of which 20 received beautician training and the rest completed the sewing program.
Samagra is continuously taking care of underprivileged children and is running a free tuition centre at its premises.  About 30 children from very poor families are being served from 3 to 6 p.m. every day. Samagra is trying to give them moral, social and religious values apart from school education by organizing a Yajna once in a month and also teaching them Mantra chanting.  They are having regular sessions of Yoga and meditation. Refreshments are served daily.
In addition to the above, two bicycles were donated.  One to an adolescent girl named Pooja who is working as a domestic help and keen to learn reading and writing. She attended our tuition classes. One more cycle was given to a poor but bright student named Nitish Kumar. 
Year 2013-2014
During this year Samagra organized 3 training programs in cutting and tailoring. Every program had twenty to Twenty five Trainees.  We organized these programs in villages in the vicinity of Dehradun. In which 90 girls received the training.
Samagra believes that financial independence plays a strong role in women’s lives. It can provide them   self-respect and good living conditions. In this direction Samagra is running many programs in slums and nearby villages of Dehradun. 
Samagra donated sweaters, shoes, socks and shawls in Shastri Nagar slum.
Tuition classes in progress
Pilgrims group from Canada visited Badowal training centre and interacted with trainees.
Women and girls are learning basic drafting under cutting & tailoring program in Shastri Nagar slum.
Samagra held a Yajana   at Samagra center in March 2014 in which Canadian Pilgrims group also participated.
Ribecca, a medical student from McGill University, Canada visited in Samagra, for 3 weeks during the month of August 2013
Samagra always felt concerned for the under privileged children.   We are running a free tuition centre at our premises.  As in the past years about 30 children from very poor families were given tuitions from 3 to 6 P.M. They participated in different activities like playing games, drawing & painting and music.   Regular sessions of Yoga and meditation were held.  Refreshments were served regularly. Many activities like handmade puppet show, movie screening and eye sight test camps were also organized.
In addition to the above two bicycles were donated. One was given to Vinay, a student of class 4th, who was attending our tuition classes. Another bicycle was donated to a poor student Rahul by Dr. Neha. They both were promising students.

A Canadian Pilgrims group consisting of 6 members visited Samagra in the month of October2013. They visited training centers run by Samagra and donated one sewing machine to make the training centre better equipped. They celebrated Diwali with great enthusiasm, participated in Yajna and enjoyed sweets and firecrackers.
 In the month of March 2014 another group of Canadian guests visited Samagra with Dr. Karen and Jivasu. During their visit they celebrated Holi with Samagra family and tuition classes children.
They participated in a Meditation retreat in Rishikesh, visited many NGOs and pilgrim places like Haridwar and enjoyed local sightseeing.
Pilgrims group from Canada visited Holy places Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh.

First death anniversary of Smt. Sharda Devi mother of  Jivasu
The first death anniversary of Smt. Sharda Devi was solemenised on 8th October 2013.  Yajna was performed in the morning and all the students of the tuition classes were given socks, leather School shoes and woolen sweaters.
 Help and recognition by Rotary club Dehradun (w)
 Rotary club sponsored a three months Cutting & Tailoring and Embroidery program in village Dudhli.  The Club donated one sewing machine to the best trainee. The club delegates assured trainees to help them get interest free loan if they wanted to start their own business.
Help by Deserving Student Support Society (DSSS)
Board Members of “Deserving Student Support Society” visited Samagra and distributed stationary to the children who are coming for after school tuition classes. Mrs. and Mr. Awasthi, and Mrs. and Mr. Anil Bansal are always taking keen interest in our activities and encourage us to serve the poor with more interest and enthusiasm.
  Samagra always extends help at the times of national disasters and calamities. Devastating floods struck the Kedar Nath hills in the month of June 2013.  600 food packets ready for consumption containing water bottles, snacks, biscuits, etc. were prepared by Samagra staff and sent to Kedar Nath.

N.B. - As a principle Samagra does not take any help from any government department directly.  Various government departments are running many programs for empowerment of women and to help poor children. If we come across any case in which the government help can be made available, we inform the potential beneficiaries, help them in completing various formalities and in making contact with the officials concerned. For example we made a lot of efforts and got issued Artisan Cards from Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) Government of India Dehradun and Health Cards from ICICI Bank to twenty six artisans. The Artisan Cards authorized the artisans to take part in any handicraft exhibition and the health card made them and their three family members eligible for a reimbursement up to Rs.15000 in case of illness. It also gave them an insurance cover of Rs.100000\=. 
Canadian Students’ Visit under SIHI Program 2013-2014
            Under SIHI program, 3 students from McMaster University Canada visited Samagra in May 2012 and stayed here for a month.  They visited various places like Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar and various sites of Dehradun and learnt about the social, cultural, educational and healthcare aspects in India. They met doctors practicing in the field of Allopathy and alternative medicine systems like Homeopathy and Ayurveda They visited a few organizations like SIDH(located at Mussoorie ),an NGO working in the field of education in Garhwal, KKM a very old organization working for leprosy patients, Tibetan settlement etc.  They also visited some training centres run by Samagra. These students had an opportunity to visit Gurukul Pondha, a Vedic School, teaching Sanskrit language and Vedas.  The whole teaching system of this institute is based on our ancient model of Gurukul.

Other activities
            Mrs. Suchitra Agrawal (Managing Trustee) celebrated her 27th Marriage Anniversary on 20th February in Samagra. Drawing notebooks and crayons were distributed.
On 1st March 2014,Mr. Nitin Sood and Mrs. Shruti Sood celebrated their elder son Avi’s birthday in Samagra with Samagra staff and students.
A Pilgrimage group from Samagra, Canada visited Samagra, India. This group also participated in various activities run by Samagra, India and visited many places like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussoorie and various localities of Dehradun.  Dr. Pradeep Kumar organized a mind and body medicine workshop in Rishikesh and Mussoorie at SIDH’s premises.
Dr. Neha and Pankaj threw a birthday party. Pankaj who is an officer in Merchant Navy celebrated his birthday with Samagra family and tuition children. Dr. Neha, Pankaj’s wife is very good at dance and performed on many songs with the children. She donated a new bicycle to three brothers named Rahul, Sunny and Pawan. Samagra remains grateful to them as they volunteer very often with the Samagra children.
Kumouni Holi was organized by one of the trustees (Mrs. Beena Joshi) to welcome the Pilgrims’ group on Feb. 28 2014. Samagra celebrated Diwali, Gandhi Jayanti (2 October),            Independence Day, Teacher’s Day,  Christmas, New Year and Basant Panchami (Day of worship of Goddess Saraswati )  with great enthusiasm with all the staff members and children attending tuition classes .  
Team Building
 A compact functional team with full dedication has emerged in the organization.   Mrs. Manju Yadav and Mrs. Radha are coordinating women income generation programs.  Miss. Sonika and Miss. Vishaka looked after children’s tuition. Mohi , an ITI student helped in Samagra’s activities and took care of Samagra premises. Dinesh cooks good food for Samagra’s guests and works on part-time basis. Mrs. Beena Joshi, one of the trustees looks after music activities.
Samagra organized an eye test camp for underprivileged children and adults on 29th September2013 in Samagra’s premises. 
Rotary Club west sponsored one cutting & tailoring program in Dudhli village, Doiwala and donated one sewing machine to a best trainee.

Year 2014-2015
Basic Computer Training Courses
 Knowledge of computer has become an essential part of every child’s education. Samagra is running basic computer courses for poor children. 
This year also it organized three such courses and trained 32 children, all coming from the poor section of the society.  The details are given blow
The basic computer course was inaugurated by Shree Cyril Rapheal, chief advisor of Shree Bhuvneshwari Mahila Ashram, Anjanisain, Tehri Garhwal.
He lit the lamp and praised the efforts of Samagra for organizing employment oriented training courses for girls from the weaker section of the society. 
Mrs. Suchitra Agarwal, managing trustee of Samagra briefed the gathering about the activities of Samagra in Dehradun and surrounding villages.
 Mrs. Vimla Joshi, Dr. Beena Joshi, Dr. A. K. Gupta, Mr. N. K. Goel, Dr. Anil Bansal and some other distinguished citizens of Dehradun were present on this occasion.

Tuition classes for under privileged  students  
            This is the most important and reputed project of
Samagra.   We are running it for the last four years continuously.  Students coming from the weaker section of the society and who are attending Government primary schools need after class tuitions.  Their parents are mostly illiterate and cannot give any help to their children. In this program about 35 such children attend our tuition classes from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. daily. In addition to the tuitions the students participate in various games, learn music and do Yoga and Asanas.  The boys are provided with text books, stationery, bags etc.  The students are also given light refreshment after the classes.
In addition to the school course tuition, the students are given Sanskars. They chant Gayatri Mantra, Omkar, and Ved Mantra also.  A Yajna is organized on the first Monday of every month and all the students participate in it.

Cutting & Tailoring Beautician Programs
 Samagra ran many income generating programs in its own premises, slums and nearby villages of Dehradun.  During this year five cutting & tailoring and two beautician training and programs were organized as per details given blow. The cutting & Tailoring training was given by Mrs. Poonam and Mrs Nisha Uniyal and the beautician teacher was Km. Sonika.
                      Cutting & Tailoring Beautician Programs 2014-2015
Duration in Months
Date to date
No. of Trainees
3 Months
3 Feb  to 15 May
Shastri Nagar
3 Months
1 April to 30 June
Nehru Gram
3 Months
21 July to 6 October
3 Months
26 July to 6 October
Shastri Nagar
3 Months
1 Dec to 3 March
Shastri Nagar
3 Months
10 April to 10 June
3 Months
1 May to 30 June

Total 137

            Samagra is running a Basic English learning program for under privileged girls studying in Government schools. This program is being run in collaboration with Deserving Students Support Society Vasant Vihar. Under this program 65 students were given basic knowledge of English.  Smt. Neetu Singh who runs her own preschool classes and Smt. Vandana who is a senior teacher in Guru Nanak Public School Dehradun volunteered for this work and completed the training quite satisfactorily.
Visit of Canadian Pilgrims Groups
            In the month of October 2014 a group of nine Canadian pilgrims arrived at Samagra and stayed in India for 3 weeks. They participated in various activities of Samagra, visited Rishikesh and also paid a visit to the Shastri Nagar slum area Dehradun where Samagra was running a tailoring & cutting centre. 
            They participated the Diwali celebrations and Yajna. Another group of 3 Canadian pilgrims visited Samagra in March 2015. They also stayed for 3 weeks, participated in various activities and visited several places at
Dehradun and Rishikesh.       
A group of 6 Canadian students visited Samagra in May 2015 and stayed here for about a month. During their stay they participated in the monthly Yajna and taught the tuition class students various games and how to speak English. They visited Shastri Nagar slum cutting & tailoring program. They also gave a visit to Rishikesh town and went to various sacred places.
            In the month of July 2014 a group of four Canadian Medical students visited Samagra and stayed here for about 2 weeks.  The main purpose of their visit was to study the public health system in India.  Samagra staff helped them in their study tour and they visited Mahant Indresh Medical Collage and Hospital and Max Hospital Dehradun. They also participated in the Samagra activities and interacted with our tuition class students.
On the first Monday of every month a Yajna is organized in the premises of Samagra. The Yajan is performed by Pt. Ved Vasu Shastri who is great scholar of Vedic literature.  All our tuition class students, staff members and some others residents of nearby localities participate in the Yajna.
            Two books, one giving the Hindi meaning and the other the English meaning of Ved Mantras, have been published by the Samagra Publications so that every participant can understand the meaning of the Ved Mantras.
            Prasad is distributed after the completion of the Yajna.
Birthday Celebrations
            Due to the presence of a number of poor children at Samagra, the residents of the nearby localities like to celebrate the birthdays of their children with them. The following birthdays were celebrated during this year
(1)  Mrs. And Mr. H.B. Tuteja celebrated the birthday of their granddaughter Navya Tuteja on 15th April 2014.  Navya resides in America and it was her 5th birthday.
The Tutejas distributed snacks and sweets to all the children.
(2) Dr. Pradeep Kumar’s (Jivasu) and his daughter Sonia’s birthday falls on the same day that is 23rd August. Suchitra Agarwal organized their birthday in their absence in which all the children, girls getting computer and cutting & tailoring training participated. Suchitra Agarwal told them about the life journey of Jivasu. Sweets were distributed to all.
(3) On 29th January the students and staff of Samagra gave a surprise to the managing trustee Suchitra Agarwal. They made all the preparations for the celebration of her birthday without her knowledge called her at the last moment and wished her a very happy birthday. The students sang songs and sweets were distributed.  
Smt. Suchitra Agarwal also celebrated her 28the marriage anniversary with the Samagra children.They all blessed her and sweets were distributed.                                              
(4 ) Smt. Radha. Our coordinator celebrated the 16th birthday of her youngest son Subham. They participated in the Yajna and Prasad and sweets were distributed to all.
2Nd Death Anniversary Ma Sharda Devi
            The second death anniversary of the mother of Jivasu was solemnized on eight October 2014. A Yajna was performed and a bhandara was organized for all the children. Five pressure cookers were donated to five poor women.
A donation of Rs. 5000/-
On 27th May Smt. Amita Srivastava wife of late Shree Vinay Srivastava visited Samagra along with her brother. She lost her husband in February 2014. She donated Rs. Five thousands in the memory of her husband. She spent a few hours with the Samagra children and distributed chocolates and bananas to them
Celebration of Festivals
Like  previous years this  year too we celebrated Independence Day, Deepawali, Christmas, Subhash Chandra Bose 113th birth anniversary, Basant Punchmi, Republic Day, Holi with great enthusiasm.  Children presented cultural programs and sweets were distributed among them.
Some additions to the Samagra buildings:
            When Samagra was started we conceived a few programs for it and the building was constructed accordingly. But as the work expanded there was a space crunch. As a result two tin sheds were erected- one at the top floor and another in front of the ground floor verandah. Both the sheds proved to be very useful and our main events and tuition classes are held under them. The building also looks very spacious and imposing.

Our Team
            We have a very compact functional team of workers which are fully dedicated to their work.  Shree Tika Ram Bhatt office coordinator, is doing all the accounts and typing work in the office. In addition he helps our foreigner guests.  Smt. Manju and Smt. Radha both are coordinating the women income generation program. In addition Smt. Manju is also looking after the up keep of the Samagra building. Smt. Hema and Kumari Sonika are working as teachers and take a keen interest in teaching the students in various subjects. Dinesh works as a cook when need arises and his work is very satisfactory.                                                                                                                             
In addition to the above regular workers we also get valuable help from some voluntary workers for specific programs. The most prominent of them are
Dr. Neha and Vandana madam.

Arranging tuitions for poor students from primary classes to 10th standard is a very important and popular program of Samagra. Its continuing for the last 5 years. About 35 students attend this classes regularly from 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. we have engaged 4 teachers for this purpose. Light refreshment is served to the students daily after the classes.
            Mrs. Abha Srivastava distributed uniform to the girl students in memory of her late husband Shree Vinay Srivastava.
            Apart from the above classes some special classes and workshops were also organized for special students as per details:-
 A month long English language workshop, specially organized for the under privileged students (mostly girls), culminated on the evening of 7th July, 2015. Twenty two students attended the workshop. Samagra takes pride in informing that many students who could not even introduce themselves on the first day, spoke confidently before an audience during the program.
                        The workshop was conducted by Miss Vandana Verma who is a teacher of a renowned English Public School. She gave her services without any remuneration.
            Km. Astha Uniyal who passed her inter examination volunteered to teach maths and science to the students.
            Samagra also ran science tuition classes for the girl student of class10th from Bhawani Balika Vidyalaya. They were taught by a devoted teacher named Ms. Manju Verma. It was monetarily supported by an organization called Deserving Students Support Society (DSSS).
            There was a poor but very intelligent student named Shreya who secured 81% marks in her inter examination. She was unable to pursue her higher studies. Samagra arranged her admission for the bachelor in physiotherapy in a renowned college only at 1/3rd tuition fee.

                           Students Taking English Tuition

 Computer Tuitions
            We are teaching basic computer to the girls who have a passion for learning computer. We are trying to give them the basic computer training. This year eight girls attended these tuition classes for two months (from 2nd June to 30th July)

Beautician Training Program
            Samagra started a beautician training program for under privileged girls from 1st May it was inaugurated by Dr. Nisha Gera, renowned gynecologist of Dehradun. 30 girls were trained under this program.
            On 16th July under the beautician training program, the trainees learnt Saree wrapping. All the trainees took keen interest and learned fast. On 16th July a Mehandi competition was also held.
            A personal grooming course was started in Smith Nagar village in Prem Nagar area from 1st August. 20 girls participated in this program.  They were trained by an experienced teacher Smt. Kavita. It was concluded on 7th November 2016. Canadian guests Ms. Rose, Barbara, Judy and Corinne were also present in the function. They very much enjoyed Henna session by the trainees.
 Trainees welcomed Samagra staff with flowers, and danced with guests.

                            Beautician Course Trainees Were Awarded Certificates

Sewing cutting & Tailoring Program
From 1st July Samagra started a cutting and tailoring training program in Telpur village (under women income generation program) of a 3 months duration. Twenty eight trainees learnt the sewing skills. The training was completed on 10th October. The concluding ceremony was held on 19th Oct. at Samagra vasant Vihar center. They were all invited to Samagra core centre so that they can understand the working of Samagra.
 Smt. Suchitra Agarwal, Managing Trustee of Samagra told them about further assistance, they can get through Samagra like facility of interest free loan by other organizations and updated them about govt. schemes. Sewing teacher Smt. Suneeta promised to help them whenever it was needed. Samagra distributed certificates of completion of their training to all of them. It also gifted them sewing kits and snacks were served.
            One girl Durga was trained by Samagra but she was not able to buy a sewing machine So one of our volunteers Mrs. Mala donated one sewing machine to the girl.
            One 1st August Samagra organized orientation program for the trainees who took training in personal grooming, cutting and tailoring and computer (basic). Shree S.S. Negi from Directorate of District Industries updated the trainees about government policies to make girls and women self-supporting by self- employment. He told about loan system for different trades, subsidies and how to make projects to get govt. grants. Shree Negi assured us to take personal interest if candidates came through Samagra. He was very much impressed by Samagra’s work for the underprivileged section.
                      Cutting & Tailoring Beautician, English and Computer Programs 2015-2016
Duration in Months
Date to date
No. of Trainees
3 Months
1 May  to 31 July
Samagra centre
2 Months
 22 May to 22 July
Samagra centre
1 Months
1 June to 30 June
English T. C.
Samagra centre
2 Months
2 June to  30 July
Samagra centre
3 Months
1 July to 10 October
3 Months
1 August to 30 October
Smith Nagar

Total 99

                        Trainees from Telpur at Certificates Distribution Ceremony
Trainees from Telpur showing their Products 
                Sewing and Beautician Course Trainees Were Awarded Certificates

Student International Health Initiative (SIHI)
            Every year some Canadian students- Medical and non Medical-visit India to apprise themselves of the health facilities provided to the general public and the health system of India. These visits sponsored by the universities and schools of Canada. These students stay at Samagra centre Dehradun and their visit is facilitated by it.
            This year in May a Canadian student named Alok Shah stayed at Samagra for 3 weeks for this purpose. He not only studied the health system but mixed with the Samagra children and visited a number of places like Mussoorie, Rishikesh etc. On the completion of his visit he was given a touching farewell. Children performed dances for him and Mrs. Suchitra Agrawal presented him a hand embroidered table cloth as memento. Alok distributed chocolates among the children.
            A group of four medical students from McMaster University Hamilton, Canada arrived at Samagra in the month of July. They visited different hospitals, including Mahant Inderesh Medical College to study the system of medical education and treatment given to patients in India They stayed here for 2 weeks and immensely enjoyed their visit.

Medical Students Under SIHI Program

Visit of Canadian Cultural Pilgrims
Every year some citizens of Canada come to Samagra centre to visit the sacred places, NGO’s and pilgrims centers. They are not interested in the visit of exotic places or to entertain themselves. They want to see understand the culture of India and to learn about Yoga and philosophy.
            Two such groups of Canadian citizens visited Samagra in the month of November2015 and March 2016. The first group was comprised of four members and the second group had six members. They visited the Budha Temple and KKM at Dehradun and also visited Rishikesh and Haridwar. At Rishikesh they stayed for more than a week and visited Kuanja Puri Devi. They also went to Mussoorie and visited Dhanoulty and Surkanda Devi Temple.
Cultural Pilgrims from Canada Visited Akshardam Temple at Delhi

            Cultural Pilgrims from Canada with Smt. Suchitra Agrawal and Dr. Karen

Professional Competency Course at KGMU Lucknow
 McMaster University-Canada joined hands with KG Medical University (KGMU) Lucknow to establish a centre of excellence in KGMU campus.  The centre will introduce communication and compassion in medicine for health professionals.
            Dr Karen, Pradeep & Dr. Shally Awasthi (KGMU) facilitated a four day workshop in KGMU, from November 17-20. 45 faculty members attended the highly successful gathering to move towards the above goal.
                 Dr. Karen Kumar Attending the Workshop at KGMU Lucknow

Annual function
On 22nd November  Samagra celebrated its 8th Annual Function at Hotel Kamla Palace situated at G.M.S. Road Dehradun. Shree Suryakant Dhasmana Vice President State Congress Committee and his wife Dr. Priyanka Dhasmana  were the chief guest and Shree Rajeev Oberoi Secretary SPD (Society for Public Devlopment) and Shree Prem Chandra Agarwal retired district judge and presently chairman Cheshire Home and his wife Mrs. Agarwal were among special guests. Our Canadian guests were also present and appreciated the work of Samagra. Smt. Suchitra Agarwal told about Samagra India's work and read the Annual Report. Dr.Pradeep Kumar Jivasu spoke about spirituality and meditation. Miss. Vandana presented this program. A number of like minded people and Board members of other NGO's were also present. They were welcomed with flowers. Samagra children performed under the choreography of Mrs.  Anita Gupta. Mrs. Anita Gupta also performed a folk dance. All the performances were immensely  appreciated by the audience. Shree. Suresh Chandra told about Samagra Publication. 
The function was concluded by the vote of thanks presented by Dr. Karen Kumar.

A View of the Annual Function Held at Kamla Palace Dehradun

Celebration of festivals
Independence Day
  Samagra celebrated the Independence Day in its premises. Children and staff of Samagra gave performances. Everybody enjoyed speech, dances, poems and short plays. Dr. Sudha Mishra, the Yoga expert and Smt. Parmila Arya delivered speeches. Smt. Suchitra Agarwal told about the history of freedom struggle. Mrs. Hema Mehta hosted the party to celebrate her husband’s new tenure in Merchant Navy. Samagra family and guests wished good luck to her family.
Teachers’ Day
Samagra children celebrated Teachers’ day on 5th September 2015. It was interesting to see that children performed very well with their own theme, direction and choreography. Class 9th students told about alcoholism through a play. It was so touching that everybody had tears in his eyes. Samagra honored teachers and gave them gifts. Children danced, recited poems and sang songs which were dedicated to their teachers.

Suchitra and Canadian guests were invited at Mrs. Anita Gupta’s home for   evening party. It was a pre-diwali celebration full of dances choreographed by Anita Gupta. Samagra children also performed. Nitin and Sunayan gave a warm welcome with flowers.
            Dewali festival was celebrated in Samagra on 9th Nov 2015. Children made beautiful Rangoli, lit oil Diyas decorated by them and sang Arti dedicated to Goddess Luxmi. Dr. Neha and Pankaj gifted crackers, and enjoyed display of fire crackers with Samagra children. Gifts were distributed by Miss. Vandana.
                             A Gathering of Samagra Children with Teachers and Staff.

25th December Christmas Celebrations at Samagra
Christmas was celebrated at Samagra with great enthusiasm and traditional solemnity. On this day the annual sports meet was also held. Games like changing the dress for the boys and doing the makeup for the girls were held. A Quiz competition was also organized. For the junior students ‘spoon with lime race’ was also held. The children presented Christmas songs.
            Prizes were given to the winning competitors by Shri Suresh Chandra.
            A cake was cut and toffees and gifts were distributed among all the participants.
                                        Samagra Children Celebrating Christmas
Every year Mrs. Beena Joshi organized traditional Kumaoni Holi from Uttarakhand at her home for pilgrims.  Samagra children celebrated Holi with great enthusiasm on 22 nd March as Samagra was closed for next 3 days. Everybody played Holi with dry colors. Children were warned about to the danger of accidents during Holi.
            Children danced on Holi songs. Smt. Suchitra Agarwal told about significance of Holi. Special sweet ‘Gujia’ was enjoyed with other snacks.

                                   Samgra Staff and Children Celebrating Holi

      Many families from Dehradun and sometimes from outside as well celebrate the birthdays of the members of their families with the children of Samagra. It gives immense happiness to the children and the family members.
Samagra celebrated the birthday of Mr. Nitin Gupta with great fanfare on 23rd September. Nitin is a cousin brother of Smt. Suchitra Agarawal and resides at Delhi. He expressed a desire to celebrate his birthday with the children of Samagra but due to unavoidable reasons could not come to Dehradun. But that did not dampen the zeal of Samagra’s children and they celebrated the occasion with great enthusiasm. They presented dances and songs and said Happy Birthday to Nitin. A cake was also cut by the children and a gala party was organized.
A mega birthday card signed by all the children and photographs of the celebrations were sent to Nitin.   

28th September 29, 2015
             Smt. Suchitra Agrawal celebrated the birthday of her husband Piyush Kumar on 28th September with children and staff of Samagra. Children and teachers and staff danced and sang songs. Everybody had great fun. Children enjoyed cake and snacks and wished Piyush Kumar a very happy birthday.
16 October 2015
Dr. Neha celebrated her husband Pankaj;s birthday with Samagra children. Neha is a strong motivational force behind children's programme. She came with her whole family. Everybody danced with children and had fun. She gifted Lowers to all the children and threw a lavish party.
Samagra gifted a handmade article made by Samagra women and a special birthday card was given containing wishes of each and every member.
9th November2015
Samagra celebrated Dr. Rajiv Verma’s birthday with great enthusiasm. Dr. Rajiv is a renowned anesthetist of the city and his wife Dr. Dr Nisha Gera celebrated her husband’s birthday with Samagra family. Rajiv Verma donated winter jackets to every child who comes to Samagra and threw a party. Children danced and sang the birthday song. Samagra family wished him a happy birthday by giving a gift and a card signed by all the members.
24th December 2015
Dr. Nisha Gera celebrated her son Debashish’s 26th birthday with Samagra children. She came with her husband Mr. Rajiv Verma and Dr. Neha.  The Samagra children played some games with the visitors and also danced with them. The atmosphere was full of fun and gaiety. The cake was cut by the parents of Debashish in his absence.
The children were offered eatables and gifts.
Samagra children and staff gifted a handmade birthday card and wished a very happy birthday to Debashish.
7th March 2016
            It was the Maha Shiv Ratri Day and was also the birthday of Ashish Gupta (Son of Mrs. And Mr. Rajeev). The family decided to celebrate the day with Samagra children. Children sang and played birthday songs for Ashish and wished him their best wishes through a card signed by all the participants. Our Canadian group also participated in this celebration.  

               Dr Rajeev Verma was Presented a Birthday Card by the Samagra

Performance of Yajna
            At the Samagra centre a Yajna is performed on the 1st Monday of every month. All the staff and children of the Samagra take part in the Yajna. Ved Mantras and Gaytri Mantra are recited by the children and staff.  Some guests also take part of in the ceremony. Bhajans are also recited. Prasad is distributed at the end of Yajna.

                      Yajna is Performed on the First Monday of Every Month

 Gulluck-Coin Bank
Gulluck-Coin Bank is a unique venture of Samagra to promote micro savings among children. It is essentially a money box and every child has his/her own money box. Children are instructed to deposit money, in coins, in their respective boxes as and when they wish to and Samagra will deposit coins of equal value as incentive. This is how the savings of children will grow. Samagra will maintain a written record of all these deposits. These money boxes will be opened on 14th November 2016 (Children’s Day). Samagra will help children to buy things that they need or desire.

Third Death Anniversary of Ma Sahrda Devi
8th October 2015,
Samagra paid tributes to Mrs. Sharda Devi wife of Shree Suresh Chandra, (dadaji) in Samagra premises.
A Yajna was organized and Shree Ved Vasu Shastri was the priest who performed Yajna and chanted Ved mantras for the peace of the departed soul. Five old and helpless women were honored and house hold utensils were given to them.
A Bhoj (feast) was organized for all the participants.

Samagra Prakashan
            For the last two years Samagra Trust is publishing books on philosophy, religion, Yoga etc. The following books have been published so far:-
 1 Naturality (Sahajta)-Living According to Our Nature- Jivasu Pradeep Kumar
2 From Death to Immortality -Jivasu Pradeep Kumar
3 Meditation- Jivasu Pradeep Kumar
4 Teaching Compassion and Self-Care in Medical Education- 
 Dr. Karen Trollope Kumar and Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Jivasu)        
5 Vanprastha ( Ek Naye Jeevan ka Prarambh)  Hindi- Dr. Pradeep Kumar (Jivasu)
6 Yajna Evam Om- Hindi- Suresh Chandra             

7 Yajan Evam Om English – Suresh Chandra


Trustee details
             Dr. Pradeep Kumar, founder trustee is a NRI based in Canada and practices as an Acupuncturist in Hamilton, Ontario.  After completing his training in medicine (pediatrics) in India, Dr. Pradeep joined a Hindu monastery in the foothills of Himalayas where he experienced his first awakening. During 13 years of voluntary and social work in the villages of Himalayan foothills along with his wife Karen, his search deepened and put him firmly on a mystical-spiritual path which continues to this day but in a radically different way which he calls as Biological Transformation. He also studied at Mind-Body Medical Institute at Harvard University USA.  Currently he is practicing and teaching acupuncture, meditation and mind-body medicine both in McMaster University and in the city of Hamilton and surrounding areas.  He is the author of many books including; Meditation-A Path of Healing and Transformation, Stillness and Action and Freedom from Fear.
His contact address in India is:
c/o Samagara – New Vasant Vihar Enclave , Lane No.4 , House No. 9  DEHRADUN  Phone No. 8826023588
Mrs. Suchitra  Agarwal is the third trustee inducted into the Board of Trustees in December2008.  She took her Masters Degree in Home Science and taught in a college for 10 years.  She was always touched by the plight of the underprivileged women and wanted to do something for them through income generation activities.  In her view, financial independence is an important key factor to improve the condition of women. For three years she worked with rural women by teaching them how to make handmade greeting cards. She is deeply interested in integral spirituality and would like to explore it further with herself and others.  Suchitra with her husband and two sons lives in Dehradun, Uttrakhand.
Contact Address:
C/O Shri Piyush Kumar,  H.No. 13, lane 14, Mohit Nagar, Dehradun (Ph: 9319216375)

 Dr. Beena Joshi, M.A. (English), Ph.D. Has been working at D.A.V.(P.G.) College, Dehradun as an Associate Professor for the past 20 years. She hails from the Almora District of Uttrakhand.  She organized E.H.V. (Education in Human Values) classes at various places in the city.  She is keen to contribute to the society by joining welfare groups.  

(Suchitra Agrawal)
Managing Trustee