Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review of the current sewing centres and Inauguration of a new centre

The Samagra team, which include Mrs. Suchitra Agrawal, Managing Trustee, Mrs. Manju, Mrs. Rajkumari, Mrs. Kanchan and Mrs. Sunita,went to the Telpur and Baniyawala centres to review their progress. They inspected the clothes prepared by the trainees at these centres and were impressed with their work.
Also a centre was inaugurated at Gorakhpur village which is a Muslim-dominated area. All the trainees are Muslims. The inauguration was done by Mrs. Suchitra Agrawal, Managing Trustee. Also present were Mrs. Sunita, Mrs. Manju, Mrs. Rajkumari and Mrs. Kanchan.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Activities of SIHI

May 23-27: The SIHI group spent a week at SIDH (Society for Integrated Development of the Himalayas), just outside of Mussorie. There they learned about SIDH’s approach to education, which emphasizes learning that is relevant to the student.The SIHI group visited two SIDH schools and two local villages to get first-hand experience with SIDH’s environment and philosophy. They also visited Kempty Falls (a local tourist spot) and the Town of Kempty. Throughout the trip, they learned much from their hosts – Anuradha and Pawan – as well as other visitors to SIDH about India’s culture, history, politics, colonial British rule, Gandhi-ji’s philosophies and ability to inspire action, relationships, non-violent communication, agriculture, food preparation, traditional and alternative diets, local songs and dances, and differentiating between the needs and wants of the spiritual self versus the body.

May 28: The SIHI group spent the day shopping in Mussorie. In the evening, after returning to Samagra, the SIHI group excitedly watched a wedding procession pass by, complete with songs, dancing, bright lights and ornate dress.

May 29: It was an eventful day that begun by the presentations by each member of the SIHI group. They dressed up in traditional Indian outfits, the girls in sarees and boys in kurta-pyjamas. They shared their experiences and learning's of various aspects such as social, cultural, health care, education, food etc. from this trip to India with the samagra team and few guests including Dr. Goyal, Mr. Ramlal, Dr. Anil Kumar and Mr. Agrawal followed by a sumptuous lunch. In the evening the SIHI had a dance party followed by a small farewell party.

Saturday, June 4, 2011