Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Celebration at Samagra Ashram

Gifts distribution at Samagra Centre

Children Dancing at Samagra Centre

Pooja with her new cycle
New Year Celebration at Samagra Centre
  New Year Eve was celebrated at Samagra Centre on 7th January 2013.All the students and Staff members were present on this ocassion.Some guests also arrived at Samagra Centre on this Ocassion.
Samagra Tution Children performed dance,sung poems ,etc.After that Yagna was organized.All the Samagra Members and Tution Children attended this Yagna.At last Gifts and Snacks were distributed to all of the children.One of the Talented Student of Samagra tution  was given a Bicycle as a gift.Her name is Pooja.She don't goes to School.She helps her mother at home.She lives far away from Samagra Centre and it takes time for her to reach at Samagra Centre daily. For that she has been gifted a cycle.So that she can reach here at time