Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tailoring training program at Sewli,Baniawala village

After getting an overwhelming response from the village people during the survey, the Samagra team including trustee and field coordinators (Samagra,India) visited Sewli and inaugurated the cutting&sewing training program. A total of 32 girls and ladies from the underprivileged background registered for it and also a lady from the village was appointed as a sewing teacher. The villagers were very happy as this is the first ever such kind of program to be initiated in this village as it is located around 2.5kms away from the main road.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tailoring training program@Naththanpur(18April)

A new traning program was launched at Aryasamaj mandir in Naththanpur for the underprivileged girls and ladies of the adarshnagar village. Mrs. Suchitra, Mrs. Radha, Mrs Manju, Mrs Rajkumari and Mrs Kanchan inaugurated the program which will commence on 20th April and 25 ladies regsistered for it. The function was followed by refreshments.

The samagra team felt very proud when they saw few girls and ladies, trained under the tailoring program conducted by samagra last year, successfully running tailoring shops either at their homes or in the market.

Survey at Sewli,Baniawala village(16april)

Samagra team visited the village which is located in extreme interiors to explore the possibilities for conducting stitching training program. The team was very happy to see the overwhelming response, as around 50 ladies came forward for the registration for the program which will be started soon.

Tuitions at Smithnagar(11April)

The tuitions were resumed after the winter break and mrs. Neetu Yadav will be teaching Maths, Science and English. Also extra-curricular activities like painting, gardening and handicraft will be incorporated to make the learning fun. Mrs. Suchitra Agrawal met the children and refreshments were provided later-on.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Sewing and Tailoring training center at Telpur Village

A new center was inaugurated in the village Telpur by Samagra team on 8th April'2011. The girls and ladies belonging to the families of daily labourers will be trained under this program. As the village is situated far away from the main road there is no availability of public transport, and hence Samagra decided to take this as a challenge.

Meeting with DSS and Samagra Coordinators' Meet (30th March)

Dr. R.V. Singh (President), Shri. A.N. Awasthi and Dr. Anil Kumar (Jt. Secretary) of the Deserving Students' Support Society met Mrs. Suchitra Agrawal to discuss the course of action to help the girls and ladies trained in dress designing and stitching under the programs undertaken by DSS and Samagra. The agenda of the meeting was to find out how to promote the trained girls and ladies to provide them a constant source of income.

Also the coordinators of the Samagra team : Mrs. Suchitra,Mrs. Manju, Mrs. Rajkumari, Mrs. Suman,Mrs. Santosh, Mrs. Meena and Mrs. Radha, met to discuss about the ongoing activities and to plan the programs to be conducted in the near future.