Saturday, December 26, 2015

25th December Chirstmas celebration at Samagra.

Christmas was celebrated at Samagra with great enthusiasm and traditional solemnity. On this day the annual sports meet was also held. Games like changing the dress for the boys and doing the makeup for the girls were held. A Quiz competition was also organized. For the junior students ‘spoon with lime race’ was also held. The children presented Christmas songs.
            Prizes were given to the winning competitors by Shri Suresh Chandra.
            A cake was cut and toffees and gifts were distributed among all the participants.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dr. Nisha Gera celebrated her son's Debashish's birthday with Samagra children and staff.

24th December 2015
Dr. Nisha Gera celebrated her son Debashish’s 26th  birthday with Samagra children She came with her husband Mr. Rajiv Verma and Dr. Neha.  The Samagra children played some games with the visitors and also danced with them the atmosphere was full of fun and gaiety. The cake was cut by the parents of Debashish in his absence.
The children were offered eatables and gifts.
Samagra children and staff gifted a handmade birthday card and wished a very happy birthday to Debashish.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

15th November to 20th November (Lucknow)


15th November to 20th November (Lucknow)

McMaster University-Canada joined hands with KG Medical University (KGMU)
Lucknow to establish. A enter of Excellence in KGMU campus.  Center will introduce
communication and compassion in medicine to health professional.
            Dr. Karen, Pradeep Kumar & Dr. Shally Awasthi (KGMU) facilitated a four day workshop in KGMU, from November 17-20. 45 Faculty members attended the highly success fur gathering to move towards he above goal.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Science tuition classes for class 10th at Samagra Centre

Samagra is running science tuition classes for the girl students of class 10th from Bhawani Balika Vidyalaya. They are being taught by a devoted teacher named Ms. Manju Verma. It is monitorily  supported by an organization called Deserving Students Support Society (DSSS).

Thursday, December 3, 2015

World Disability Day Celebration At Cheshire Home

3rd Nov.15 is being celebrated as International Disability Day.
Mrs.Suchitra Agarwal was invited at Cheshire home a centre for handicapped people.She was impressed to see the services being offered to them and touched to see these special children and adults.Few Samagra children accompanied her and enjoyed dances with them.

 Cheshire Home is providing care for the people with disabilities
Cheshire Home focuses on different disabilities and provides care and refuge for disabled persons, the terminally sick, people with cerebral palsy, elderly men
and women by:
  • Education and medical care including surgery.
  • Impart training and opportunities for personal development
  • Provide activities like Needle work centre, Craft training centre, Computer centre, Workshop, Recreational centres
  • Day care centres with physiotherapy and other support activities
  • Inclusive education and professional training to enable the disabled youth to become independent