Saturday, March 24, 2012

 Visit to Buddha temple
                                                                          Foreigners visited the buddha temple and buddhist
                                                                           monastery at clement town.They saw the buddha statue
                                                                              and buddhist monastery there.They enjoyed there a lot.

A visit to Haridwar
Foreigners from canada visited Haridwar.They went to temples there.They also went on the ropeways.They enjoyed there very much.

Dialogues and meditations workshop with Jivasu at Rishikesh
Jivasu organized a dialogue and meditation workshop at Rishikesh. Foreginers and other people were present.

Recreation at Samagra
Samagra tution children are playing indoor games at samagra centre.These day there exams are over and they are having fun. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Foreigners and Jivasu( the founder of samagra organisation) visited Gurukul.

Foreigners visit to the marriage party
Foreigners and the Samagra staff members attended the marriage party at Delhi.

Foreigners with Dr.Pradeep kumar(jivasu)the founder of samagra organisation.
Holi celebration
Foreigners from canada and Samagra staff members celebrated holi festival.They all enjoyed it by throwing colour on  each other and by eating sweets and snacks.They all celebrated it very nicely.

Closing  cermony of samagra  tailoring centre at Sanjay colony and Ambiwala

Samagra staff members and the foreigners came from Canada went to sanjay colony and Ambiwala for the closing cermony of tailoring centres.The girls and women  participating in tailoring and cutting classes showed their handmade clothes to the foreigners and samagra staff members.The foreigners distributed certificates and prizes to the women and girls.