Friday, October 9, 2009

Central School For Tibetans

Tarun had come from Delhi. So, four of us, all PWS, marched to the local central school. Many CWS have a dream: some day I will grow up and have the courage to face the crowd and tell them how I feel when I am mocked: We did the same thing- but of course not so dramatically. We did it in a very balanced and humane way: what children could do to help their colleagues who may have stammering or other issues, differences. The central idea was to sensitise the children and help any CWS to come forth and enroll for group therapy. The principal, Dr Gupta was very encouarging. Children too were quite open and nice.
We all had a great time talking ex-tempore on an issue which is so close to our heart. BTW, Tarun has done his MBBS from AIIMS and is planning to do his residency from USA- already has cleared one entrance test. All the best to Tarun!

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