Sunday, October 4, 2009

Visit to Udiyabag School

Parmanand and me went to Udiyabag primary school yesterday to conduct a group therapy session for school kids.We started with catching a butterfly contest, with the condition to release the butterfly soon and do not cause harm to it..Kids just loved it :) ...then we started with our focus of the day - prolongation...We introduced them to prolongation and how can they use it in real life, by doing various activities like story telling, question answer round etc.
After an energizer "nani pani", we concluded with a painting activity and then describing our paintings. Parmanand and me too tried our hand at painting..Kids wanted us to come everyday..

In the evening me and Sachin had a voice chat with Pune SHG and we are planning to have more of such conversations as it was as good as face to face conversation.

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  1. That monkey looks so real!
    Is it speech therapy or Art class?


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