Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the road trodden by Bruce Willis, Hritik Roshan, Julia Roberts...

JP has already covered this meeting (4th October 2009). Let me just add a few 'behind the scene' details. Barring two, rest of us were stutterers. Some of us had reached a plateau- in other words we had practiced enough of speech techniques in normal situations: now was the time to challenge ourselves a little bit more and help us to move towards spontaneous speech, as opposed to one to one rehearsed communication. Drama can be a fun and all round activity for people like us. Anugrah Interevntion center (Herbertpur Christian Hospital) had very kindly lent us a hall for the purpose.
We had photocopied a play from a collection meant for school chldren; shared it before hand with participants; gave them some more time to prepare- and then did many reherasals for various scenes. We also changed the roles to ensure fun and learning.

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  1. Nice video and JP was acting like a true film star......


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