Sunday, October 4, 2009

Samagra Monthly Report- September, 2009

School program

School Name

Total Children

No. of sessions


Lal Bahadur School




Sadhana kendar School








* Due to quarterly exams in all the schools, the no of sessions are less.

Speech Support Group:
Support group meetings were conducted 4 times. Average attendance= 10

Clinical Input:

Raghav was given speech therapy 2 times. (Misarticulation)

Ishu was given speech therapy 4 times. (Autism)

Rupesh was given speech therapy 2 times. (Stammer)

Karan was given speech therapy 3 times. (Stammer)

Parents counseling. (Soni M.R. from Babugarh)

Manoj was given therapy 5 times.(Mental Retardation)

Shubhash was given therapy 2 times.(Mental Retardation)

Jasmith was given speech therapy 2 times.(Stammer)

Anand and Sumit was given speech therapy once.(Stammer)

Sushil was given speech therapy 2 times.(Stammer)

Priyanshu was given speech therapy 2 times.(DSL)

Jasmeet was given speech therapy 2 times. (Stammer)

Garima was give speech therpy two times. (Stammer)


2nd Sep. Vijay visit NIVH (National Institute for the Visually Handicapped) for hearing


3rd Sep. J.P., Paramanand and Dr.Sachin visited Eataenbagh and met Subhash, Kamini

and Kanchan.(special needs children).

5th Sep. Paramanand visited C.A. in Dehradun.

5th Sep. Vijay and Nishu visited Viky’s (hearing impaired) house in Asanbag, Dehradun.

7th Sep. J.P. and Dr.Sachin visited Johnson Public School Herbatpur for Stammering


9th Sep. Vijay visited Premnagar for paid phone bill.

12th Sep. Vijay and Nishu visit to Gudarich village for general awareness about Samagra.

16th Sep. Dr. Sachin visited C.A. in Dehradun.

17thSep. Paramanand visited C.A. in Dehradun.

28th Sep. Dr. Sachin and Paramanand visited C.A. in Dehradun and met Samagra trustee

Ms. Suchitra Agrawal.

30th Sep. Dr. Sachin visit to C.A. in Dehradun.

Continuous Computer classes and Tailoring training at Samagra sub center, Premnagar Dehradun during this month.

10th Sep. Movie Show for children.

11th Sep. Dr.Sachin and J.P.went to Delhi for TISA (The Indian Stammering Association)


14th Sep. Anil came back from Kerala.

15th Sep. Vijay went to his home Varanasi for 15 days.

19th Sep. Screening CWS in Johnson public school Herbartpur, Dehradun.

30th Sep. Samagra Audit report (2008-09) received.

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