Monday, August 31, 2009

SAMAGRA Monthly Report for August 2009

School Name

Total Children

No. of sessions


Herbertpur School




Udiyabaag School




Lal Bahadur School




Sadhana kendar School








Speech Support Group:
Support group meetings were conducted 5 times. Average attendance= 7-8

Clinical Input-
Raghav was given speech therapy 6 times. (Misarticulation)

Abhishek was given speech therapy 3 times. (Misarticulation)

Manthan was given speech therapy 2 times. (Delayed speech)

Ishu was given speech therapy 8 times. (Autism)

Ajay was given speech therapy 2 times. (Stammer)

Rupesh was given speech therapy 2 times. (Stammer)

Parents’ counseling. (Lucky C.P. from Jassowala)

Aman, Anand, Shubham and Raja was given speech therapy one time. (Stammer)

Karan was given speech therapy 3 times. (Stammer)

Parents counseling. (Soni M.R. from Babugarh)

Abhay was given speech therapy 5 times.(Mis-Articulation)

Manoj was given therapy 6 times.(Mental Retardation)

Shubhash was given therapy 3 times.(Mental Raetardation)


1st August screening Lal Bahadur School. Samagra team with Dr.Joyce .(PWS, hearing and eye check)

15th August visit Dhaulatappar Gujjar village with Dr.Joyce and her family.

20th August visit Anugrah center with Manpreet and Jai Prakash interaction with special children.

21st August visit Lehman hospital Manpreet and Jai Prakash for interview with patient.

24th August Vijay went to Dehradun Chartered Account (C.A.)

25th August Vijay went to NIVH for bring hearing aid.

28th August revisit Udiyababag village.

30th August Sachin went to Parivar institute in Deharadun.(a meeting about Autism children)

31st August Paramanand went to C.A. in Deharadun.

Others :
Yoga and Meditation class continuous during this month.

2nd August Dr.Pradeep visited to Samagra.

5th August Dr.Pradeep visited to Samagra

8th August given presentation by Mellisa and Katie (Canadian student) about Johari window and Participant observation.

11th August Dr.Joyce and her family went to Sikh temple Paonta .

15th August Dr.Joyce and her family go back to Canada.

16th August Manpreet came from Jammu Kashmir for one week residential stammering speech therapy.

18th August presentation given by Paramanad, Manpreet and Jai Prakash.

19th August interaction and interview (about stammering) Manpreet, Jai Prakash, Paramanand with some local man in Atanbag village.

23rd August Anil went to his home Kerala for 20 days.

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