Monday, August 10, 2009

Time to give back!

Zazoulaks gave Samagra team a variety of presentations today. Joyce and Melissa presented Jo-hari window through an interactive exercise. Jo-hari window is a tool to develop better understanding of oneself and to ellicit the differences in our and people's perception about our selves. A systematic way of getting feedback and enlarging understanding of our "self". A good tool, if you can take care of your "ego"!
Next, Katie discussed "participant observation" - a tool used by anthropologists to discover inner meaning of an observed behaviour. This can be used quite meaningfully with young children, facing speech and other issues. It needs a lot of empathy, cultural sensitivity, discretion and preparation.
Rick, finally demonstarted his skill with line, shape, depth- by sketching Vijay and JP live. He also explained how, an artist's mind works: how it latches on to the most obvious ("obvious" to him) feature in a portrait and build on that- synthesizing, what is seen by eye with what is known to brain 'anatomically'. JP and Vijay still have to pay him five dollars each!

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