Monday, August 17, 2009

Speech Support Group has fun!

The Weekly meeting of Dehradun Self Help Group was attended by 10 people. We started with a round of introductions where we had to bounce on our name. The next activity was a role play where we enacted a railway platform scene and boy!, we have got some really great talent in our SHG. Then we had to add our thoughts & creativity to continue a story with full use of our imagination. Ms. Jain (she doesn't stammer & is a volunteer) was bouncing so well that some of our experts couldn't match her. There was also one more young lady who asked for suggestions from group members on what she can do if she meets any one with a stammer and the group gave her some really good ideas like not to complete the sentences, try not to laugh, maintain eye contact etc.. We also had Manpreet from Jammu with us. He has come to Samagra for speech therapy.

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  1. Thata was ma first day at samagra .....believe me was fun and I learned a lot at samagra ....and may be these days that I had spent at samagra can change ma life for ever .....bcoz it has already changed my way of thinking and Attitude......


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