Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Focus Group Discussion

Parmanand, Manpreet, JP and Sachin went out to conduct a focus group discussion with people in Eatenbagh on stammering. It was really an experience to talk to a group of people about stammer. As a good reporter, we all had our questions ready & people opened up after a few questions (some even invited us every morning to join them in there meetings). We were amazed when we came to know that people are concerned with what we have to say and not the way we say it. After thi,s Manpreet & Paramanand went out to interview some more people. We came back & reviewed ouselves using the vedio recording. During the evening we practised fast bouncing using the story of Sholay, where each one of us had to add a few lines & keep the story moving forward, while bouncing at good pace.

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  1. That was ma first time where I was made to go out and talk to strangers about our stammering. But it was fun and really miss u all and those days that we spent together.

    Take care all of you.....

    Sachin sir
    Anil ji
    and also Mrs. jain


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