Saturday, August 1, 2009

Screening in LBS school, Herbertpur

I am finally here in Samagra. My new home for next six months.We went to Lal Bhadur Shastri Shiksha Niketan School to check kids' hearing, eye seight & speech. Joyce was in charge of testing eyes, Vijay for hearing and JP for speech. While Katy & Melissa were interacting with teachers & students, Richard was busy taking photographs. Out of 120 kids that we screened , there were two kids with weak eye sight, 15 with some kind of speech difficulties, a few kids with wax in their ears and one kid with down syndrome. I felt good for being of any help to the kids & also amazed by the expertise that Vijay has in dealing with young kids. I am really excited about more such trips in future. (JP)
(Ed: JP is a software engineer from Infosys, Pune- on a sabbatical with Samagra. He is teaching us IT skills and learning how to work with children facing 'communication issues'. This is the first post from him. Richard, Joyce, Melissa and Katie are a Canadian family visiting Samagra.)

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