Monday, November 16, 2009

Computer classes for kids

Today, we inaugrated computer classes for childeren from weak socio-economic background. We also took this opportunity to create awareness about the work we are doing by inviting some people from the community. Suchitra ji and Dr. Sachin started the function by giving a brief presentation about Samagra. Next we showed the audience a short video clip on stammering. Then Romy a young lad from Mumbai who has come for 3 weeks for speech therapy, shared his experiences about how stammering has affected his life.Then I (J.P.) showed our website and blog to the audience. We concluded with informal conversation and discussion with audience over a round of snacks.

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  1. You write well. Now try to flesh it out by putting in more descriptions. May be another 5-6 lines? This will develop your recall, observation and writing style..
    But a good job on the whole. Keep at it..


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