Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Sir, you speak like me"

Me and the kids are really enjoying the computer classes and So are Vijay, Parmanand and Anil :-)

Today, we also went to a school for screening of young boys, looking for any child with any kind of speech impediment especially stammering..As the boys were introducing themselves, I saw a young boy struggling with his speech and when it was my & Parmanand's turn to introduce ourselves, we bounced a bit. I could see a hint of smile on his face after our introductions..Soon after the introductions as we get prepared to play a game, the same young boy surprised me. He came up to me and said in very sweet and innocent voice - "Sir, you speak like me"..

After this we played a lot of games and I could see that the child who was holding himself back a bit, at the start of the session, suddenly changed gear and was enjoying with other kids....This incident reminds me of what once Sachin had said in response to a question being put to him by Pune SHG- "How can we help school kids ? ". Sachin's reply was - even if you go to school and spend some time with kids who stammer and just listen to them, play with them, it will help them and today I saw it..We didn't do any therapy...Just Me and Paramanand stammering openly in front of his class gave him a hint that stammering is fine...

Also there was another surprise from one of his classmates - "Sir why do some people speak this way ?" . My reply was - "As some people are fat, some are thin, Some are tall and some are small , there is also a variation in the way people speak, so some people stammer and some don't".
I hope I am able to convey my message to fellow PWS (People Who Stammer) that please go out, talk to young people who stammer, go to schools and give a presentation to the whole school about s-s-stammering...U don't realize that how you can change the life of a young boy/girl in a positive way..Anyone game for it?


  1. Thnaks JP, for sharing this. It truly represents how volunteering can help a pws- and also the CWS... win-win situation..


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