Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two days in Delhi

Sachin and myself were in Delhi to join Delhi SHG for their weekly meet and also to talk to some NGOs to find an indoor meeting place for the weekly meets. On day 1, Nitin came to pick up us, at Nizamuddin station. From there, Nitin, Sachin and me headed to the office of one of the NGOs and we had a nice and fruitful discussion and are hopeful that the place will be available to Delhi SHG from october 2009 onwards.Later Deepak also joined us. We are also looking forward to talk to a few hospitals who have speech pathology department where Delhi SHG can meet once in a month and interact with budding speech pathologists and also the clients at the hospital will get benefited by attending the meetings. From there we headed to Nitin's house and after a great and delicious lunch, we watched the movie "Unspeakable". We also video recorded each other to analyse our speech and also seconday behaviours.
Next day we met at Akshardham temple and started with puppet show with me, Sachin, Nitin and Kishore.Puppets are great way of practicing our speech goals, take out our hidden emotions
and at the same time have fun. As soon as everybody joined us, we started with introductions
by dividing ourselves into groups of two each by playing a game and then talked to each
other in our group for 5 minutes, at the end of which introduced our partners. The idea was
to focus on and test our listening skills. Then we practiced bouncing for some time, where
we created an impromptu story with lots of interesting turns and twists. Next came the
stuttering interviews and self disclosures. We went and interviewed a few people in groups of
two regarding : what they know about stammering? what it is? its causes? and also what they
can do to help people who stammer. All of us had very interesting discussions. After debriefing, we moved on to next activity - "role play" where we enacted a scene of a SHG meet and tried to bring out hidden (if any) emotions and thoughts of the members . Sachin and me spent some more time at the temple, took some pictures and the moved on with Anuj to CP, to meet one more PWS, Mr. A .Me and Anuj went to some shops and practiced self dilosure and bouncing for some time while Sachin intercted with Mr. A. From there on our way back to Nizzamudin station to catch our train, me and Anujj shouted in a running metro that- "I am a stammerer". I enjoyed it! and after a round of discussions over coffee, we said good bye to Anuj and headed back to Dehradun. Looking forward to more such trips.

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