Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dehradun SHG meet - 6th September 2006

Dehradun Self Help Group (SHG) met on 6 September for their weekly meet. 12 members and a few guests were present. We started with a round of introductions and then the came the
highlight of the meeting : a drama to be presented by the group members. We divided ourselves into two groups and had 15 minutes to prepare from an already prepared script. It was really fun but sometimes people (I was one of them :) ) got so excited that their speech went out of control. Also as Sachin described after the play, what ever we did was a drama in a bigger drama (the whole world)! The guests gave a good and constructive feedback. After an energizer, we did an interesting activity where we started a question answer round but before answering each person had to eat a biscuit from a plate on the table, shew and swallow it and then answer! The basic idea was to make us used to the idea of taking our own time and then answer and never come under time pressure. We concluded with feedback session.

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