Sunday, September 20, 2009

Id Mubaraq

Vijay is on leave (has gone to Banaras) and JP has gone to his home (Chandigarh) for a brief visit. We decided not to phone anyone and just see who arrives for the Sunday meeting on their own. We were pleasantly surprised when five youngmen arrived right on time. Mrs Jain too came. Sachin too came coughing and spluttering (has been under the weather a little bit recently). Parmanand of cousre was the organiser. Anil too was there. All told, about nine people.
We watched "Speaking of courage"; discussed the high points. An important issue that came up was- lack of support from parents for their CWS (children who stutter). What could be done? It was obvious that we had to do more sharing of our problems at home. Next, everyone had to do an extempore act- telling jokes or singing a song etc- which earned them a sweetmeat (to celebrate Id, which is tomorrow).
Then we sat in silence for sometime, trying to observe our thoughts. Finally we discussed what could be done about the negative emotions, memories buried deep in our sub-conscious mind. It was understood that sharing with some one we trust or writing it down were the two most practical ways avaialble to most of us. Sachin talked about a PWS in USA who started a trend of writing "shame stories" to facilitate this very process of healing and self help.
Next, sachin mentioned that Samagra will be starting operations in Dehradun soon. By December, the group should decide upon an alternative venue for the Sunday meetings. The alternatives were: 1. We could request Anugrah to let us use their hall every Sunday for about two hours. 2. We could use sachin's back verandah 3. We could use Eton Bagh panchayat ghar 4. We could use PWS member's home on a rotation basis. Mrs Jain too offered her premises. We will be meeting next Sunday at her premises. About 7 pm, we all dispersed.

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