Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Today was a busy day for the SIHI group. We first visited a Tibetan Village, where we briefly talked with the director of the community about the history of Tibetan refugees in India. We learned about the development of the colony, a brief history of Tibetan refugees in India, how their school system worked, and visited their temple.  In the afternoon we visited KKM, a colony for people who have been treated for leprosy.  They too make handicrafts to both provide them with something to do, provide them with dignity, and to increase their income.  Their colony had children, with whom we played a bit of cricket.  We purchased a few of the handicrafts they made as well.  

-Jae and Simon
This is a Tibetan woman weaving at the refugee colony we visited.  They practice traditional handicrafts to provide work that builds their dignity and supplements their income.  

This is us outside the temple in the Tibetan colony.

Sarah, our star cricket player.  

Jae, focusing intently on the ball.

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