Sunday, May 12, 2013

Puppet show at Samagra Centre.

Behind the curtains..
Ramlal talking with SIHI
Puppets made by SIHI
Puppets behind the Curtains..
Today was a very interesting day. We met with Ramlal who is a well-known 4th generation puppeteer. We learned the value of proper communication and how it has changed over the years with the advancement of technology. Then we learned how to create our own puppets out of newspapers. We all made different animals, such as birds, a monkey, and an elephant. We then painted them with bright acrylic paint. We also painted a pre-made paper mache puppet face that Ramlal made for us and dressed them in gowns. We received help from a few Samagra children. We then created a story called Friendships of the World and we performed it for the Samagra guests. We want to thank Abhishek for helping us with the music. The children really seemed to enjoy our skit, especially when the puppets danced to the music.
- Christina and Nancy

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