Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nitin and Punam; Navya and Vedika !!

Today, Nitin, Punam with children- Navya and Vedika visited us at Samagra. Nitin is an IT professional and Punam is a sculptor and home maker. Nitin also coordinates TISA Self help group for people who stammer in Delhi. Our own speech support group gathered to greet them. An interesting discussion followed. Some one said, once I can take care of my stuttering, my career will certainly take leaps.. Nitin pointed out that often we make this mistake: we postpone living til we have fixed our stammering! We blame everything on to stammering and fail to see the wider picture, enjoy other bounties of life, work hard on other aspects of self development.. Stammering becomes one central fixation, which stops everything else.. Everyone felt that this was so true, at some or other point in their own lives.. It was so nice that Punam too joined us and shared her thoughts. Navya (6 yrs) made many painting for our Samagra art gallery and Vedika (2 months) just blessed us with her innocence.
Another picture shows some PWS practicing calling shopkeepers and asking questions and practicing voluntary stuttering.

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