Monday, March 20, 2017

19th March: Welcome Sonia & Mathew

18th & 19th March were special in Samagra as Jivasu & Karen’s (founder Samagra) daughter and son-in-low Mathew Seguin visited India for post wedding party, organized in Hotel Park as well as in Samagra. Samagra children grated and welcome to Sonia & Mathew they performed on many bollywood dance numbers. ‘Newly, wed couple also joined them.  It was followed by a dinner.
19th March Samagra organized a special Yajna ceremony to bless Sonia & Mathew. Renowned Bhajan singer Shree Sanjay Sharma was called for Bhajan singing. Everybody enjoyed his Bhajans for two hours. It was followed by a gala lunch.

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