Saturday, April 9, 2016

9th April Samagra organized a party for the children after their results.

09th April 2016
Samagra organized a gala party to celebrate the success of the Samagra students. All 30 students did very well in their final examinations. Children danced on bollywood numbers choreographed by Mrs. Anita Gupta. She also performed on request of the children. Girls took the lesson in cooking and made Rainbow sandwich. One of the Vandana’s friend announced special award for best three students by giving Rs. 550 each. Mrs. Neeru Gupta and Mr. Vikash Agrawal, our honourable guests distributed Biscuits and beautiful lunch boxes and pencil boxes to each one of the children.
            Samagra contributed money to the money bank of the children.
            Thus evening was full of entertainment and it was concluded by a snack party.

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