Saturday, January 30, 2016

Gulluck-Coin Bank and Suchitra mam's Birthday party.

Gulluck-Coin Bank is a unique venture of Samagra to promote micro savings among children. It is essentially a money box and every child has his/her own money box. Children are instructed to deposit money, in coins, in their respective boxes as and when they wish to and Samagra will deposit coins of equal value as incentive. This is how the savings of children will grow. Samagra will maintain a written record of all these deposits. These money boxes will be opened on 14th November 2016 (Children’s Day). Samagra will help children to buy things that they need/desire.

                                            Children are showing their Gullak Money Bank

                                                  Started Gullak money Bank
Suchitra mam's birthday party, she is serving snacks, winter socks and put coins to every children's Gullak.

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