Friday, July 1, 2011

Acitivities of Samagra in June '11

17th June

The team which includes, Mrs. Kanchan, Mrs. Manju and Mrs. Bijalwan visited Baarighat in the Rajpur village area and explored the possibilities of new sewing centres. As the village is far from the main road so there's no public transportation available. Also no sewing teachers are available in the nearby area, thus making the idea of opening up a centre a little difficult to implement.

18th June and 21st June
The Samagra team inlcluding Mrs Rajkumari and Mrs. Manju visited Chandrabani and it's interior parts like Choila etc. and discussed with the underprivileged women and girls the idea of opening a sewing centre to make them self sufficient. We hope to get a good response.

23rd June
The Samagra team visited Mehuwaala and Mehuwaala-Maafi villages which are Muslim-dominated areas. They organized a meeting with the villagers to start a sewing and cutting program to improve their livelihood.

29th June
The trainees of the Telpur centre visited Samagra and learned how to repair a sewing machine. At the end refreshments were served.

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