Sunday, May 29, 2011

Activities of SIHI

May 21 : The SIHI group was invited as honoured guests at Mrs. Suchitra’s house. They were welcomed with the traditional tika ritual, then shared stories of their families, had a delicious lunch, and played some games. After this fun afternoon, they once again ventured out to Rajpur Road bazaar for an evening of shopping, circus visits, and religious observations. On the way back to Samagra, the students joined a jagran – an all-night prayer celebration – for a taste of local culture and festivities first hand. The students enjoyed the lights, canopies, decorations, and live music.

May 22 : The group viewed a presentation about Samagra’s current and past endeavours for the community, then spent the rest of the day packing, doing laundry, and preparing for their week at SIDH.

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