Wednesday, September 22, 2010

समग्र, अगस्त महीने की रिपोर्ट


Monthly Report for August - 2010

School visit –
School Name , Total children , No of session , Average

Dayanand Junior High
School Laxmanchauk- 7 1 7

Prathmik School
Panditwari- 4 1 4

Clinical Input-

Ansh was given Speech therapy 12 times (Stammer)
Ayush was given Speech therapy 2 times (Stammer)
Ananta was given Speech therapy 13 times (ADHD)
Haragun Kaur was given Speech therapy one time. (DSL)
Chinna was given Speech therapy 5 times. (ADHD)
Prashant was given Speech therapy 4 times.(Stammer)
Raju was given Speech therapy one time. (Stammer)


2nd August visit Prathamik School Panditwari.
4th August visit Mayur Vihar (Education office)
5th August Prathamik School Barowala.
6th August visit Prathamik School Ambiwala.
9th August visit Ambiwala Village and village Pradhan.
11th August visit Panditwari School for Speech screening.
12th August visit Neharugram Prathamik School.
19th August visit Dharampur Education office.
27th August visit Sudhdhowala Prathmik School.

Continuous sewing and Tuition class at Samara center.
Done 6 Audiometry during this months.
15th August celebrated Independence Day each Samagra center.
20th August three months sewing class Finish at Brahmpuri Samagra sub center.

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