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Monthly report -May 2010


Monthly Report for May 2010

School visit

Schools were closed, therefore we could not visit any one of them for speech therapy.

Clinical Input-

Rahul was given speech therapy 5 times. (Stammer+ Misarticulation)

Nilotpal was given speech therapy 4 times. (Stammer)

Rishab was given speech therapy 12 times. (Stammer)

Anup was given speech therapy 6 times. (Misarticulation)

Dimpi was given speech therapy 4 times. (Delayed speech and language)

Ansh was given speech therapy 5 times. (Stammer)

Anmol was given speech therapy 3 times. (Misarticulation)


1st May, Mrs. Suchitra, Mrs Manju, and Mr. Vijay Kumar went to Samagra sub-center Smith Nagar and Ambi Wala Village. (Met the Gram Pradhan)

18th May, SIHI visited the Anugrah Intervention Center, Herbetpur with Vijay ( for interaction with special children) and other place. Inauguration of stitching and cutting training program at Fatehpur by Samagra trustee Mrs. Suchitra Agrawal.

19th May, SIHI visited Dayanand Junior High School, Laxaman Chowk, Dehradun (for interaction with PWS)

20th May, SIHI visited KKM(leprosy colony, Tara Parbat, Buddha Temple)

21st May, SIHI visited Pramukh with Palash and Yash for general enquiry about Pramukh work .

22nd May, SIHI visited Baniya wala school (interaction with children and teachers) next- Visit to Samagra sub-center, Smith Nagar, Neetu’s House and interacted with children taking lessons.

24th May, SIHI visit to SGRR Medical College and Hospital, Patel Nagar, Dehradun with Palash, and Priyanka for general enquiry about health etc. and evening interaction with a Homeopathic doctor.


2nd May, Anil came back from his home in Kerala.

3rd May, SIHI came to Samagra.

5th May, Dr. Sachin came for a visit to Samagra and interacted with SIHI.

6th May, SIHI went to Rishikesh, Cheela and Haridwar (for 3 days).

9th May, SIHI went to SIDH (Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas) for a week.

23rd May, Pooja’s (PWS) interaction with SIHI about stammering.

29th May, Presentation given by SIHI in Samagra with Samagra family.

31th May, SIHI went for trekking with GMVN.

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