Wednesday, April 7, 2010

समग्र - मार्च महीने का रिपोर्ट


Monthly Report for March 2010

School were not going because examination was स्टार्टेड

Clinical Input-

Amanuddin was given counseling on a phone 3 times।(Stammer)

Nonu was given speech therapy 6 times।(delayed speech )

Kartik was given speech therapy 8 times।(delayed speech with hearing impairment)

Rishab was given speech therapy 1 time.(Stammer)


5th March Canadian guest visit to Herbartpur, Sadhana Kendra Ashram, Kalasi (Ashokan edict) and meet Dr।Sachin Shrivastava.

6th March Canadian guest visit to Dayanand junior high school Laxmanchuk with Vijay kumar।

9th Shyam Rang and Dayan (Canadian guest)visit ti Akhil Bharatiy Mahila Ashram Laxmanchuk with Mrs।Suchitra Agrawal.

11th March Dr.Pradeep , Mrs.Suchitra Agrawl , Vijay kumar visit to HECAO Sanstha in Ambiwala, Premnagar, Deharadun and Nitu’s house in Smith nagar Deharadun, and Baniyawala Prathmik school ।

12th March Vijay went to Kunvawala village for given hearing aid।(Shanti 65 year’s old hard of hearing)

18th March Vijay went to NIVH for bring hearing aid।

21 March Vijay and Teekaram visit to Mitheeberi village, Ambiwala village, and Smith nagar Budding bloom

nursery school in Smith nagar , Deharadun , for a general awareness about Samagra

22 March Vijay Visit to Gullarghati village and door to door contact.(for assessment of hearing and speech


1st March Samagra family Holi celebration with Canadian guest।

2nd March Canadian guest went to Bhuvaneshvaree Mahila Ashram Tiharee Garawal, Anjanisen, with Dr। Pradeep.

6th March Canadian guest went to Masooree SIDH with Dr। Pradeep.

8th March Parmendra came in Samagra as a visitor, he is from Indor।

10th March Canadian guest has gone to Delhi with Teekaram।

12th March Samagra family meeting with Dr। Pradeep and Mrs.Suchitra Agrawal.

15th March Anil went to Ghaziyabad Dr। Pradeep house.

17th March Paramanad came in Samagra for Accounting work।

25th March Vijay went to his home Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh for a week.

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